March Madness Sale

Welcome to Bernie Rico Jr.’s special March Madness sale. The guitars you are about to view listed in this post are all Custom Shop one of a kind masterpiece guitars. They are all hand made by Bernie Rico Jr. Guitars and personally finished by Jr. At present Bernie needs to offer these fine instruments at an incredible savings in order to make room for guitars nearing completion.

All instruments shown in this section of the website are newly posted inventory and they all have to go so rather than list them in the store with a price tag we would like to show them all to you and offer them ALL at prices WAY TOO LOW to list in print.

Please call us at (760-956-6619) or email us at info@ricojrguitars.com for extra low pricing!
Once these are gone there will NEVER be prices this low again.

Khách Hàng (Author)

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